Our Garlic

Garlic is the first product we are selling from our farm.  We chose unique, heirloom, gourmet varieties.

We hand plant, weed, harvest, and dry our garlic with the same care and stewardship that our grandparents and their parents did.

2020 Varieties


(Hardneck, Porcelain)  Rare heirloom garlic, easy to grow, large, strong flavored garlic • Averages 4-6 cloves per bulb.  Medium in heat with an intense earthy flavor. • Early summer harvest. Long storing garlic – 7-10 months

Montana Giant

(Hardneck, Porcelain) Robust & very hardy, large bulbs, one of the best tasting full-flavored slightly spicy (but not overpowering) flavor starts off strong, then mellows.  Easy to peel jumbo cloves that are great in raw dishes. Averages 4-6 cloves per bulb. Longer storing until early spring

Spanish Roja

(Hardneck, Rocamboles) Most popular hardneck type, flavor is a ‘true garlic’, easy to peel, famous for deep complex flavor.  Long-time heirloom garlic. Short storing (Oct/Nov). Enjoy shortly after harvest.


(Hardneck, Procelain) Robust when raw but medium when cooked this is a true garlic flavor with musky rich taste.  A gift to cooks – big cloves wrapped up in easy to peel pink skin. Exceptional shelf life – 9 months to one year.


(Hardneck, Porcelain) • Originating in Canada, Majestic is a mild garlic for those who are sensitive to strong garlic • Easy to peel jumbo cloves that are great in raw dishes • Longer storing until early spring

Romanian Red

(Hardneck, Porcelain) • Rich, very hot garlic with an after taste that lingers when raw • Highly regarded medicinal garlic, known for its high allicin content • Hot and pungent • Long storing until Early Spring

Italian Red

(Hardneck, Porcelain) • Great tasting garlic averages 6-10 large cloves per bulb • Mild with a little garlic spiced flavor which intensifies during storage. Great for cooking and sautéing • Long storing garlic – Late Winter/Early Spring

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