Bemidji Art – Celebrating Our Small Town’s Beauty

Our farm is located just outside Bemidji, Minnesota where we were all born and raised, The town sits next to the beautiful Lake Bemidji, and is known for numerous sources of beautiful local art.

The Bemidji Sculpture Walk is our annual tour of gorgeous and unique metal art. There are QR codes, brochures, and audio options for visitors to meander along picturesque streets and admire the local art.

Another popular local attraction is the Watermark Art Festival. Hosted in Library Park across from the Watermark Art Center, this event was formerly called Art in the Park. With 100 artists showcasing their work, food and other vendors, and children’s art activities, there’s something for everyone at Watermark! This year the festival will be held July 16, 10a-5p and July 17, 10a-4p. Admission is free.

A final historic art attraction is the lakeside statue of Chief Bemidji. MNOpedia gives a brief overview of his interactions with early white settlers, including the anecdote of the lake’s name being mistaken for his. The statue was erected in 2015, and features bronze placards detailing the chief’s story. According to MNOpedia. “Shaynowishkung was remembered as a man of integrity and a follower of the Seven Grandfather Teachings”. His legacy lives on in the town he overlooks, and visitors are encouraged to learn more of the town’s history and interactions with indigenous tribes.

We are proud to come from a town that embraces art and history so joyously, and we would love to share it with you.

Author: Joan Vaughn

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