Which Came First?

Today I want to talk about eggs. No, we don’t raise chickens at 5 Sisters Organics (yet), but some people in Minnesota are creating a regenerative farming revolution centered around chickens. You can read about their clever techniques here and here. It’s so simple, it’s genius!

For years I have avoided eating eggs because they made me sick when I ate them. Then I met a farmer who asked me a simple question: “How do you tolerate soy and corn?” I told her that soy makes me sick, and she handed me a box of eggs from her chickens. I ate the eggs, and they didn’t make me sick. What is her magic? She doesn’t feed soy or corn to her chickens. It was never the eggs for me, it was that people were feeding chickens food they really shouldn’t eat. Often times, when we are reactive to a food, it is not because of the food, it is because of what people DO to the food. My food heroes are the farmers and ranchers who use regenerative practices and feed their animals what they should naturally eat. Then the food benefits us more and doesn’t create illness, inflammation, and disease. It all starts with how the food is grown.

I encourage you to start asking questions about the food you eat. I encourage you to buy directly from farmers when you can. I encourage you to grow your own produce. You deserve to know what you are eating.

Author: Joan Vaughn

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