Curing is Complete

Our Fire Cider is ready and the garlic curing process is done! Our Fire Cider and garlic sale starts soon! We will hold a “Farmers Market” in Shoreview MN on Thurs Aug 25 5-8p, Fri Aug 26 5-8p, and Saturday Aug 27 9a-noon. We will open online sales on Monday, August 29, 2022! (***Note this date has changed since our first posting. Check your calendar!***)

As we harvested and hung the garlic, we sorted the garlic by variety and also by

  • garlic we want to keep for our seed supply to plant for next year’s harvest
  • the garlic that we think is fabulous and want to sell to our friends and family
  • and the bulbs that are smaller or slightly damaged, that we will keep for other uses.

The garlic has been curing for several weeks. This process allows the garlic to be stored for many months at room temperature. The ideal storage area is a cellar-type environment, slightly cooler, with the garlic hanging so it has ventilation around the bulbs. In my personal storage environment, I’ve had some garlic last until spring, but it’s always a good idea to start checking the garlic around the new year to see how well it is storing. This is my storage strategy – hanging from an over-the-door shoe rack under my stairs!

Author: Joan Vaughn

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