Oh, Glorious Spring!

I don’t know about you, but as a lifetime Minnesotan I know that I feel like I’ve come out of hibernation each spring, and I dance with joy around the flowering lilacs and fruit trees! I am working to revitalize the lilacs, fruit trees, and other trees around the farmhouse that need some TLC. Do we have arborists and tree experts who can consult with me?

We are setting up new fencing in the unused 100 acres of the farm for rotational grazing with borrowed cows. Rotational grazing mimics the way wild herds move and eat, and it enriches the soil naturally. This is a foundational practice in regenerative agriculture. We will move the cows from paddock to paddock, allowing them to eat the grass and weeds, loosen up the soil with their hubs, and fertilize the soil naturally.

Of course, the garlic is coming up too. We have several years of experience growing the garlic now, and we are becoming garlic growing experts. All of the varieties are coming up beautifully. We had to loosen up the straw cover a bit to let some stragglers see the sun, but it looks like we have a beautiful crop this year.

Author: Joan Vaughn

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