The Curing Stage

We finished harvest about a week ago, and the garlic is curing in our drying barn. The curing process dries the thin, papery sheaths around each clove, which allows the garlic clove to last in a pantry for months. We can certainly use the fresh garlic as well, but curing the garlic is the most common method of preservation.

When we cure our garlic, we hang it on vertical ropes, ensuring that the bulbs do not overlap and have plenty of access to free-flowing air. Pests are not an issue for garlic during growing stages, curing, or long-term storage. We keep fans running in the drying barn, with the door often open. The scent of the drying barn is a beautiful thing!

We will take all the garlic down around Aug 20, and we will have our online sales around the first of September. Stay tunes for exact dates. Also stay tuned for a local market where you will be able to pick out your own garlic – details coming soon!

Author: Joan Vaughn

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