That’s Farming, Gals!

We’ve experienced a year where we are convinced our Grandpa would simply say “that’s farming, gals”. 

Every year has been a new experience with our organic garlic. This year was heat and drought, hard work and less yield. We never quite know how things will develop each year, but we are always willing to try new things and keep learning.

2021 Garlic Insights

  • This year we learned that we need to watch for watering early when it’s dry.
  • We saw a couple of our garlic varieties begin to take on new, larger sizes now that it has been grown in our own soil for a couple of years.
  • We are using our gourmet garlic to produce a new product, Fire Cider, which we will introduce in the Fall of 2022 for sale.
  • We continue to tap into the wisdom of our local relatives who have farmed and gardened for many years, both on the Christianson homestead and their own local properties. They know gardening!
  • We experienced “loaves and fishes” when it came to planting this fall! We were sure we would be planting less, but by the time we were done we had 3,000 more cloves planted than we ever have!
  • We tried our hand at planting onions, horseradish and wheat this year – plenty of learning involved there!

2021 Planting Success!

2022 Garlic and Fire Cider

We will spend the spring and early summer of 2022 weeding and watering the garlic. We harvest mid-July, hang to dry for 3-4 weeks and bring to market by the end of August.

Every year we sell out fast, so the best way to be the first to know when we are ready to sell is to join our Facebook group.

Fire Cider sales will begin in November.

Author: Becky Meyerson

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