Online Sales Start Sept 3

We will open up our online sales on September 3, 2021. Mark your calendars to order early because we sell out every year! Check out this year’s varieties here – Armenian, Montana Giant, Spanish Roja, Music, Majestic, Romanian Red, and Italian Red.

We will have our Sister Packs (1.5 lb) and Family Packs (5 lb) available again this year. We also have 2 unique offerings this year at a discounted price: Imperfect packs and Small Packs (1 lb each pack). Because of the drought this year, we have a lot of garlic that isn’t the pretty, perfect, large bulb that we love to sell. It’s not perfect looking, but it is still delicious garlic!

The Imperfect Garlic is either a little discolored or doesn’t have enough of the natural wrappers to last all winter long. We recommend that everyone who buys the Imperfect packs processes the garlic right away (chop and freeze in olive oil or roast it or dehydrate it- more blogs coming on these techniques soon.)

The Small Garlic is lovely and will keep the way our regular garlic does, the bulbs and cloves are just smaller. This is a perfect choice for someone who uses less garlic or doesn’t mind a little extra chopping.

How much should you buy? Generally speaking, a Family Pack will last a family through the winter. Do the math with me: A pound of garlic is typically 8-15 bulbs. If a family uses about a bulb of garlic each week, you will need 50 bulbs for the year. That is about 5 pounds. If you are new to gourmet garlic and want to just test it out this year, maybe the Sister Pack is right for you. Whatever you chose, remember that we will sell out this fall, and then we will not have garlic available for sale again until fall of 2022.

Author: Joan Vaughn

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