The Plants Whispered Thank You

We had our share of weeding at the farm this weekend. Thankfully, many of us were there to share the work together.

There were several different kinds of weeds, but one in particular seemed the most troubling. It was a vine that spread horizontally across the ground, but it also climbed up the garlic stalks and prevented the leaves from expanding and the scapes from curling. We were concerned that this particular weed could choke out the garlic plants, so we concentrated on it. We had to find the vine, pull it out of the ground by the roots, and then untangle it from the stalk of the garlic.

As we untangled the vine from the garlic stalk, the leaves stretched out like a toddler waking from a nap. As the leaves stretched, the garlic seemed to grow before our eyes, and we could almost hear an audible “thank you.”

In many instances, the scapes that we thought had not even developed appeared and curled before our eyes. Nature at her finest, again reminding us that everything is designed to heal if we just remove the obstacles.

We harvested about 1/10th of the scapes last weekend. If you are interested in getting some yummy, garlicy scapes, contact a sister asap. We will harvest them all in the next few weeks!

We will harvest the garlic in about 4 weeks, and then we cure it for 3 weeks before it is ready to sell. We will open up our online store and appear at White Bear Lake and Shoreview Farmer’s Markets around the 2nd or 3rd week of August. We will post exact dates after harvest!

Author: Joan Vaughn

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