We’re Almost Ready!

Last weekend was a flurry of activity in Bemidji to continue processing our garlic. As you remember, we harvested in July and hung the garlic to cure for several weeks. 

We process our garlic by hand and with great care. It’s labor intensive, but we take the time to do it right! Here is a list of our processing last weekend: we took the garlic down from the curing ropes, separated all the varieties, cut the stems, trimmed the roots, cleaned any remaining dirt off the bulb (yes, this step involves a toothbrush), separated the bulbs into those we would keep for seed and those we would sell, weighed the processed bulbs, calculated average cloves per bulb per variety, and compared our yields and garlic size to last year’s crop. Whew! 

We are now in the final stages of bagging the garlic and preparing our web site for inventory and sales. Mark your calendar for sales on our website starting Friday, September 4 (Labor Day weekend)! SHOP Here We sold out of garlic last year, so get your order in early! 

Author: Joan Vaughn

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