Do You Know What Is In Your Garlic?

It’s very likely that your grocery store garlic is full of heavy metals and bleach! Like everything in our current food chain, you need to know where your garlic comes from.

The New York Post, Washington Post, and other news outlets have reported that 90% of garlic sold in America is actually grown in China and imported into the United States. Unfortunately, the garlic is polluted with heavy metals from the unregulated soil. It is also bleached to look bright white! Can you imagine knowingly eating anything that is full of bleach? Worse yet, the pre-peeled garlic is processed by Chinese prisoners in grueling conditions. That’s terrible! Buyer beware!

Buying locally-grown meat and vegetables allows you to see firsthand how your food was grown and processed. In the case of a small farms, you can generally meet the people who grew your food and feel confident that it is clean, healthy, and grown with care! At 5 Sisters Organics, we take pride in hand planting, harvesting, and curing our garlic. From our family to yours.

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Author: Joan Vaughn

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