It’s a new season

Spring has returned again to Northern Minnesota! I believe that because of our 4 seasons and our cold winters, Minnesotans tend to appreciate spring in a unique and significant way.

This spring at 5 Sisters Organics Farm, we welcome the garlic shoots that have made their way through the soil toward the sun. We planted our garlic last October, as is the typical cycle with hard neck varieties. Now in our 5th year of growing we are accustomed to the rhythm of the growing season.

  • October- We plant in late fall and cover it with straw.
  • June- The garlic begins growing. We remove the straw and tend to the land as we watch the garlic grow.
  • July- Late June and early July we remove the garlic scapes as they start to curl. This would be a flower, and removing the scape allows the plant to put all of its energy into the bulb. The scapes themselves are delicious, like a cross between garlicky chives and green beans.
  • August – About 4 weeks after the scapes have developed, we harvest the garlic and hang it in our drying barn to cure for 3-4 weeks.
  • September – Late August or early September our garlic will be ready for sale through our website. We have sold out each year, so watch the blog for more accurate dates!
  • October – late September or early October we plant the next year’s crop.

Just like the cycle of the seasons of weather, we have the seasons of garlic. Follow along with us this season to learn more about garlic and 5 Sisters Organics.

Author: Joan Vaughn

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