The Great Scape!

Introducing the part of the garlic plant you’re probably not using but should be:  Scapes.

The next time you go the farmers’ market, keep an eye out for bundles of whirly-twirly green stalks. They’re called garlic scapes, and they’re super delicious.

In early summer, garlic growers cut off the scapes to allow larger bulbs to grow – and sell them in bunches at markets. They will stay fresh in the crisper for a few weeks, giving you plenty of time to use the distinctly garlicky stems in lots of dishes. If your scapes give you too much of a garlic punch, just blanch them. They become milder and sweeter when cooked; just put them in salted boiling water for about 30 second and then remove and place into an ice bath to stop the cooking

Chop them up and stir them into chicken salad, whiz them into pesto, or braise them whole and serve as a side with grilled steak. Put them in homemade salad dressing, make garlic scape butter, or add to your scrambled eggs. Saute your scapes in lots of oil and then use the infused oil – as well as the scapes as a topping for pizza or meat, or really anything you can think of.

We anticipate harvesting our scapes mid-June and will sell in bunches for $5/pound.

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Author: Joan Vaughn

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