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We’ve gotten a few questions through our website, and I want to answer them here so everyone can see the answers.

Question: This garlic is different. I can’t get it through my garlic press or smash it the way I usually do. Is it ok?
Answer: Yes, it’s perfect! It IS different than the garlic you generally find in the grocery store which is old and dried out (and full of chemicals, but that’s a different conversation). Our garlic is FRESH. We harvested it 2 months ago and cured it (let it hang to dry a bit) but it is still very new garlic. Harvested garlic can last for a year, and it changes over the course of that year. This is still super juicy and young and it works differently than garlic that was harvested longer ago. You will find that as the winter progresses, the garlic will dry out a bit and be easier to get through your garlic press.
Pro tip: If you are having a hard time smashing it or getting it through your garlic press, peel it and shop it into fine bits with a chef’s knife.

Question: How do I store it?
Answer: Dry. Dark. Air movement. I store mine in a pantry under my stairs, hanging from a shoe rack (no, NOT together with shoes!). I like this method because they don’t just sit on a surface. My garlic typically stays good into the following summer.
Pro tip: Do not store blubs in the fridge.
Pro tip: You can peel your cloves and keep them in the fridge in a mason jar for use throughout the week (but only a week.)
Pro tip: If you feel like a bulb is going bad or is starting to sprout, roast the cloves and keep them in your freezer to use whenever you need a quick sauce! Read about it here.

Question: Do you have more garlic to sell? When will it be available?
Answer: We sell out of our garlic each year in the fall. Some years we even sell out in a matter of days! Our garlic is an annual crop, which means we only harvest once per year. When we sell out, we don’t have any more until the next fall. We will have 5 Sisters Organics garlic available again in the fall of 2021.
Pro tip: Like our Facebook Page for updates on when we will start selling our garlic next fall.

Author: Joan Vaughn

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