Fall Planting – A Very Full Day

We finished our fall planting today, and here are the stats of the day: 17 family workers, 6.5 hours, almost 13,000 cloves, Macgyver-level tools, 6 visiting cousins/aunties/uncles, and a hundred meaningful conversations.

Our process looked like this: split the bulbs into cloves, soak the cloves in fish emulsion, loosen the soil, poke holes in the rows with our home made dibbler, plant the cloves by hand and with our custom-made reclining trailer, rake dirt over the cloves, and cover with straw.

It was a typical fall day in Minnesota; we started out in jackets, worked up to T-shirt weather, put our jackets back on for the light rain, and finished the day warm again. Here is a photo collage of our progress through the day.

The garlic will go dormant for the winter and emerge again in the spring, and we will do it all again.

Author: Joan Vaughn

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