Storing Garlic – A Successful Approach!

My garlic lasted more than a year!  I am just finishing up the lasts of my garlic from the 2017 harvest!  Most websites will estimate that hardneck garlic will store for up to 8 months.  We recently posted a blog on general guidelines for storing garlic – keep it whole, dry, well-ventilated (see the whole blog here) and I want to tell you about my storage techniques that kept my garlic fresh and delicious for over a year!

I have a dry, dark storage space under my stairway, so I hung my garlic from a rack on the inside of the door.  The light was off in the storage space most of the time, it was about 60 degrees most of the time, and it is free from pests.  I made sure to keep enough garlic to last me the whole year, since I don’t ever want to buy that nasty grocery store garlic (learn more here).  This garlic is still fresh and delicious in October 2018!

Author: Joan Vaughn

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