The Garlic Growing Year

It’s spring in Minnesota, and we are all so excited to plant our seeds or seedlings and watch them burst to life! Are we ready to plant our garlic then? NO! Hard Neck garlic (the kind that can be cured and stored for the entire winter) has an unusual growing season.

Planting – Fall
We plant the garlic each year in the fall – ideally after the first soft frost and before the first hard frost. In Minnesota, that is typically mid October.

Planting Oct 2018 in COLD weather!

Growing Season – Spring and Summer
Now that spring has arrived in Minnesota, we will see the garlic shoots emerge. We covered them with straw in the fall, so we will adjust the straw as needed, weed, remove the scapes, and monitor for the months of spring and early summer.

Harvest – Late Summer
We will harvest the garlic in mid-July and hang it in the drying barn for 3 weeks to cure. Once it is cured, it will last the whole winter!

Garlic Sales – Fall
We begin our sales in August and sell until we sell out! We will be at the Shoreview and White Bear Lake farmer’s markets as well as selling online through our web site. We will have family packs for people who want to buy enough to last the whole winter!

Author: Joan Vaughn

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