How Much Is Enough?

We are selling our garlic in 1.5 lb packs (5 Sisters Gourmet pack) or 5 lb packs (Family pack) this year. Precisely how many bulbs is that? I’ll give you a Farmer answer: it depends. Can you tell me how many apples are in a pound? Well, it depends on the variety, the density of the variety, and the size of the apple. What we know for sure is that a pound is a pound.

We typically bag our garlic in half-pound increments. A half pound bag can average 4-7 bulbs, depending on the size of each bulb. I just received my order (family privileges, but also we need to test out our software). My 5 Sisters Gourmet pack had 15 bulbs and my Family pack had 45 bulbs.

Word problem: If there are 52 weeks in a year, and I use 2-3 bulbs of garlic per week, I need 100-150 bulbs for the year. I store my garlic hanging in a dark cellar, so I actually have good garlic until the next summer. How much garlic will you need for the year? It depends. How many bulbs of garlic do you typically use in a week? Do the math from there! Here are some pictures of the Sisters Pack (1.5 lb) and the Family pack (5lb) to give you a visual and help you decide how much to order. Cheers to delicious garlic all winter long!

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Author: Joan Vaughn

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